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Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing at Our Animal Hospital in Rockford, IL

If diseases and other health challenges always presented obvious, indisputable outward symptoms, diagnosing and treating them would be a much simpler matter than it is. Unfortunately, many health problems can hide within your pet’s body, wreaking their own kind of havoc for quite some time before your pet looks or acts sick. Since many of these conditions can cause serious health problem or even death if untreated, Alpine Veterinary Hospital in Rockford, IL administers laboratory testing to detect them as early and accurately as possible.

Laboratory Testing at Our Animal Hospital in Rockford, IL

An Essential Aspect of Pet Surgery, Parasite Prevention, and General Wellness Care

Laboratory testing has become a staple of veterinary diagnostic care. Just as examination of blood, urine, or fecal samples can reveal a great many lurking health issues in humans, these forms of testing can help us identify a number of problems common to pets. Laboratory testing is routinely performed as an element of wellness exams, serving alongside vaccinations, dental checkups, and parasite prevention to keep health problems from overwhelming your pet. They're also commonly performed as a prelude to pet surgery, emergency care, and other treatments, helping us deliver the right form of care for your pet's needs. Laboratory tests typically include:

  • Blood Testing- We can use blood samples to perform chemistry panel testing and CBC (complete blood count) testing. These techniques can help us monitor your pet's immune function, cell oxygenation, cholesterol levels, protein usage, and hormonal and enzyme balances.
  • Urine Testing- Urine testing can help us spot potentially-serious problems such as bladder stones, kidney disease, or nutritional imbalances. It is also an effective means of checking for diabetes, liver disease, and bile duct dysfunction.
  • Fecal Testing- Fecal testing is commonly administered to check for signs of internal parasites, notably digestive worms such as tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. They can also detect the presence of dangerous protozoan parasites such as giardia and coccidia. We can then perform the necessary de-worming and put your pet on parasite prevention medication to keep the worms away.
  • Tissue Testing- Tissue testing is another kind of laboratory testing administered to look for malignant cells in tissue samples. The sample is removed from your pet, and small bits of it are examined under a microscope to see whether pet surgery or other treatment might be necessary.

Talk to Your Veterinarian In Rockford, IL About Laboratory Testing

Is your pet overdue for laboratory testing and other wellness evaluations, or does he or she have a condition that requires investigation or monitoring? Call Alpine Veterinary hospital in Rockford at (815) 399-4808 to schedule an appointment with our experienced veterinarians. 

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